Lebo GmbH

Lebo GmbH

At Lebo GmbH, we design and produce exceptional internal doors and frames.

As a door set specialist, we have a very diverse portfolio incorporating many real wood veneers, high quality reproduction laminates and foils and a huge white lacquer program; we can even produce doors in any colour you wish!

Our timber interior doors and frames are completely pre-finished and pre-hung so they can be assembled and installed in only 30 minutes. We can also produce apartment entrance doors, sliding doors, all glass doors and glazed doors & fire doors; all our functional doors are fully tested and accredited. Our portfolio is both traditional and contemporary so will suit any preference or budget.

As well as full door sets, we can offer door leafs only, so we are an ideal manufacturing partner or refurbishment supplier. We are able to produce any quantity and any size, without detrimentally effecting lead time or budget. Please contact us directly for commercial projects or large developments.

Our internal doors are distributed in the UK by a number of knowledgeable, experienced interior door resellers, so please contact our UK representative for your nearest outlet.

Lebo internal doors and frames are more than just a hole filler, they are high quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective pieces of furniture. Feel free to browse our website and view our range of doors, our facilities and much, much more.